CfE Experiences and Outcomes

HWB 0 – 16a - I am learning to assess and manage risk, to protect myself and others, and to reduce the potential for harm when possible.
HWB 0 – 44b - I understand positive things about friendships and relationships but when something worries or upsets me I know who I should talk to.  
TCH 0 – 03a - I explore software and use what I learn to solve problems and present my ideas, thoughts, or information. 


Sharing the Learning Outcomes - • I can explain that a character’s appearance does not tell you how they behave.
• I can describe what an avatar is and how they do not always reflect a person’s real character.
• I can pass on my knowledge to younger siblings and older family members to help them make their homes safer
2. Active Learning – Read the story of Snow White to the class. Before you begin, show pictures of Snow White, the Queen, the dwarves and the Prince. Discuss their physical appearances. After reading the story discuss the how the characters behaved and if this matches to their appearance, for example, the queen is beautiful but is not a very nice person, (don’t be fooled by how someone looks) Was the queen/dwarf/prince a good friend to Snow White? Why? The queen looked beautiful but wasn’t very nice so what other information would Snow White have to find out about her before she could be her friend?
3. Demonstrating Understanding –  Explain that people online often take on a character called an avatar. They may use a picture that is not their own face. Show some examples of avatar pictures. Would you want to be their friend? Can you tell what someone is like just by looking at their picture? Use the online activity to let the class have a go at making examples of ‘nice’ or ‘nasty’ avatars.
Discuss what children might do if someone was being nasty to them online. Who would they tell?
4. Review and Recall – Are appearances all we know about an avatar or friend on the computer?
Are nice avatars always nice people?
How can we tell?
What other information is needed?


Image of Avatars
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