Who makes us feel safe?

CfE Experiences and Outcomes

Ask for help when something worries me. HWB 0-44b.

1. Connecting the Learning - (A useful resource for this lesson would be ‘The huge bag of worries’ story by Virginia Ironside 1994, published by RSSPCC).

Teacher has a big bag full of objects (can be laminated pictures) that are causing worry, e.g. a toy cat, money, car. They say these are the things that are worrying them and explain each one e.g they are worried that their pet cat hasn’t come home, worried that they don’t have enough money for their lunch today, or worried that their car won’t start to take them home. They ask the children ‘What can I do?’
2. Sharing the Learning Outcomes -

• I know who to ask for help if something worries me
3. Active Learning - My bag of worries – children can draw pictures inside the bag of things that are worrying them.
4. Demonstrating Understanding - Smartboard activity – Three sections on screen, home, school, friends. Characters on screen – teacher, school crossing patrol officer, playground assistant, pupils, mum, dad, gran, auntie, uncle, cousin, friends, friends mum or dad. Children tell the class about one of their worries and the class decide who the child should talk to and drag the character onto the correct area.
5. Review and Recall –
• Role play, volunteers from class to come up front and help the teacher to sort out his/her worries. One child could be someone from the office who can help check if the teacher has enough money, one can be a friend who helps go out to look for the cat, one could be a dad who starts the car/takes it to the garage. Then the teacher shows that the bag of worries is now empty and he/she is very happy!
• Follow up activity: Children can draw around their hand and in each finger write or draw someone who keeps them safe. In the palm of the hand they can write ‘My handy helpers’.


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