People who help us

CfE Experiences and Outcomes

I can describe some of the kinds of work that people do and I am finding out about the wider world of work. HWB 1-20a.

1. Connecting the Learning - Introduce the topic of ‘People who help us’ by explaining to the class that they are going to learn about the role of the Emergency Services.
2. Sharing the Learning Outcomes -

• I can explain the role of the Emergency Services
• I can describe the different jobs of a Firefighter
• I can identify the different types of equipment that the Emergency Services use.
3. <Active Learning - Use the resource 'People who help us'
a. Ask the children to identify each Emergency Service worker - Firefighter, Police Officer, Paramedic.
b. Then children work in pairs or individually to complete the sentences. Read the sentences out to the class and get them to shout out the answers.
c. The next questions are 'why do you think a Firefighter would need special equipment.
Do Firefighters just put out fires? Can you think of any other jobs they do?
d. Examples are:

     • Road Traffic Collisions
     • Water Rescue
     • Flooding
     • Community Safety Education
     • Home Fire Safety Visits - Fit Smoke Detectors
     • Animal Rescue
     • Chemical Incidents
4. Demonstrating Understanding – Divide the class into groups of 3’s or 4’s give each group a different  Emergency Service, ask them to make a poster, draw the worker and include the equipment that they feel is most important for them to do their job, the place they go to work and the vehicle they might drive.
5. Home Learning -

a. Do they know where their local Fire/ Police station or Hospital is? Children could be asked to find this and report back to the class.
b. Go on line and check the Scottish Fire and Rescue web site and enter your postcode to find your nearest Community Fire Station.
6. Review and Recall - Remind the class about the Learning Outcomes and ask them to identify one piece of equipment that they have learned about and explain what it is used for.
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