CfE Experiences and Outcomes

HWB 2 – 09a - As I explore the rights to which I and others are entitled, I am able to exercise these rights appropriately and accept the responsibilities that go with them. I show respect for the rights of others.
HWB 2 – 03b - Throughout all my learning, I can use search facilities of electronic sources to access and retrieve information, recognising the importance this has in my place of learning, at home and in the workplace.
TCH 2 – 08a - I am developing my knowledge and use of safe and acceptable conduct as I use different technologies to interact and share experiences, ideas and information with others.


Sharing the Learning Outcomes - • I can discuss the types of files people download.
• I can explain why it is wrong to download music, films etc. without paying.
• I can explain how to protect a computer from downloading unwanted software or viruses.
2. Active Learning – Discuss the concept of illegal downloading by using this scenario: “The Musician’s Plumber.” A plumber fixes a tap for a musician but the musician does not pay him. Later on the plumber downloads some of the musician’s songs from the internet and does not pay for them. Who was in the wrong? What should they have done? Is it fair to download music for free?
Discuss the concept of downloading unwanted software or computer viruses by using the example of “Spider Burgers”: How would you feel if you ordered a burger and when you looked inside the bun you find a spider? Compare this with downloading a piece of digital material that has an unwanted program or feature inside. When you download a file how can you be sure it is safe and won’t harm your computer? Ask the class if they know of ways they can protect their computers, e.g. anti-virus software, firewalls etc.
3. Demonstrating Understanding –  Use online activity – ‘Download’ to explore the concept of protecting your computer by using a firewall against viruses.
Ideas for follow up activities –
• Produce a presentation explaining the dangers of downloading illegal content from the internet.
• Create a list of rules for safe practice on the internet when downloading content.
• Create an advert for new antivirus software, identifying all the features it has and how these are used to protect your computer.
4. Review and Recall – Illegal downloading is not a harmless crime and it has a huge impact on many people.
Some software or downloads can harm your computer.
There are ways to reduce the risks to your computer such as firewalls and antivirus programs.


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