Street Hazards

CfE Experiences and Outcomes

I am learning to assess and manage risk, to protect myself and others and to reduce the potential for harm when possible. HWB 0-16a

1. Connecting the Learning – Tell the class that when teachers are planning a school trip they have to fill out what is called a ‘Risk Assessment Form’ where they try to think ahead to spot any potential hazards there might be and how to avoid them. In this activity the class are going to ‘risk assess’ a walk round the local area and, if possible, go on the walk to spot and record actual hazards.
2. Sharing the Learning Outcomes

• I can describe potential hazards in the local community
• I can spot and avoid hazards in the street
3. Active Learning – (If possible have a map or even a simple hand drawn diagram of the area near the school that would be covered in a walk lasting no more than 15 to 20 minutes.) Let the class help to plan the route they could take and mark it on the map or diagram.

With the children working in pairs or small groups ask them to ‘risk assess’ the route; thinking about any possible hazards and how they could be avoided. The groups can make notes to help them feedback to the class. Use the feedback to make a ‘definitive’ risk assessment for the walk. Use the risk assessment pro forma on an interactive whiteboard or print off a few copies for groups to use.
4. Demonstrating Understanding – If possible go on an actual walk round the area and record any additional hazards along the way with photos or videos. Using the ‘Hazard Bingo’ cards (download from Teachers’ Notes) children could cross off hazards they find. (It is also possible to customise a set of bingo cards for your own area, using the website.) If the class is not able to go on a walk then use the Street Hazard Bingo on the interactive whiteboard.
5. Review and Recall – Back in the class remind the children of the Learning Outcomes and ask what they found out from their walk. Can they name some of the local hazards in the street? How could they be avoided or fixed? Who would be responsible for fixing them?
Image of Street Hazards
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