Avoiding Accidents at Home

CfE Experiences and Outcomes

I am learning to assess and manage risk, to protect myself and others and to reduce the potential for harm when possible. HWB 2-16a

1. Connecting the Learning - Ask the class what they already know about how to be safe in the home and explain that in this lesson they are going to look in more detail at where or how accidents actually occur in the home. Ask if they know how we might find out this information.
2. Sharing the Learning Outcomes -

• I can interpret data on accidents in the home.
• I can explain which groups of people might be at greater risk from accidents in the home.
3. Active Learning - Using the interactive whiteboard activity look at the data on types of accidents in the home. Ask the children to comment -

• ‘What is the most common type of accident?’
• ‘Is it surprising?’
• ‘What could this mean for keeping safe in the home?’
• ‘Do you think the results would be the same for different ages?’
• Look at the accident statistics for different age groups and discuss what that might mean – e.g. ‘Is there an age group that appear to have more falls?’
• ‘Can you think of any ways to keep that particular age group safer?’

Ask the children to think about types of people who might be at more risk from accidents in the home, for example, young brothers or sisters, grans or grandpas, people with physical impairments.
4. Review and Recall - Remind the class about the Learning Outcomes and ask, ‘Who is responsible for safety in the home?’ Reinforce the fact that everyone in the family can help to look out for and prevent accidents in the home.

Home Learning - As a homework task ask the children to look for examples of safety equipment at home, e.g. child resistant closures on medicine bottles, safety gates for stairs etc., fire guards etc. They could either draw or write a description of the items and also say who they are for, e.g. toddlers, the whole family.
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