Keeping Safe from Germs

CfE Experiences and Outcomes

I am learning to assess and manage risk, to protect myself and others and to reduce the potential for harm when possible. HWB 1-16a

I am becoming aware of how cleanliness, hygiene and safety can affect health and wellbeing and I apply this knowledge in my everyday routines such as taking care of my teeth. HWB 1-33a

1. Connecting the Learning - Recalling the first lesson on Home Safety ask the class which of their five senses they might use to tell if something in the home is possibly dangerous (potentially all of the senses would help). Explain that in this lesson the class are learning about a hazard that is difficult to detect because it is invisible to the naked eye: germs. Ask the class what they already know about germs, e.g. Why are they dangerous? Where do you find them?
2. Sharing the Learning Outcomes-

• I can explain why germs are dangerous.
• I can demonstrate how to wash my hands correctly.
3. Active Learning - Read the story using the interactive whiteboard activity, ‘Jack’s Clean Day’. Ask the class to listen carefully to the story and point out anything that Jake does wrong or places where he might pick up germs. At each point ask if the children can think of a safer /cleaner way for Jack to act. At the end of the story Jake needs to wash his hands properly – ask the class if they could describe carefully all the steps in hand washing. (Use the following link for demonstration) They could mime each step.
4. Demonstrating Understanding - If possible borrow an ultra violet hand washing detector box from a local secondary school to highlight how easy it is to miss parts when washing hands. Set up a hand washing demonstration area in the class with a bowl of warm water, soap and ask groups of children to be demonstrators or to be ‘dirt detectives’, checking their technique and using the ultra violet detector (if available).
5. Review and Recall - Remind the class about the Learning Outcomes and ask, ‘Why do you need to wash hands?’ ‘When should you wash hands?’ ‘How do you make sure hands are really clean?

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