Honest and Real

CfE Experiences and Outcomes

I am aware of and able to express my feelings and am developing the ability to talk about them. HWB0-1a

1. Sharing the Learning Outcomes -

• I can tell the difference between the truth and a lie
• I can show or talk about how to have good character
• I can be responsible
2. Active Learning - Prior to the start of the task ask if they know what being honest is. Ask for different words for being honest, e.g. telling the truth. Repeat this for demonstrating good character and being responsible.
Explain that they are going to watch a short film and that they need to look out for Timon and Pumba being honest, showing good character or being responsible.
3. Demonstrating Understanding - After you have watched the clip recall the meaning of honesty, good character and responsibility.  Children will then complete the sentences on the Smartboard. This can be done individually or with a poll etc.
4. Review and Recall – Plenary would be through;

• Simple recall of the story and remembering what they saw
• Assessing their understanding by asking the children to give examples of when they have demonstrated being honest, of good character and responsible.
Image of Honest and Real
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