CfE Experiences and Outcomes

TCH 1-01a - When exploring technologies in the world around me, I can use what I learn to help to design or improve my ideas or products.

TCH 1-04a - I explore and experiment with the features and functions of computer technology and I can use what I learn to support and enhance my learning in different contexts.
HWB 1-44b - I understand positive things about friendships but when something worries or upsets me I know who I should talk to.
HWB 1-45b - I am aware of the need to respect personal space and boundaries and can recognise and respond appropriately to verbal and non verbal communication.


Sharing the Learning Outcomes - • I can explain some positive uses of a mobile phone.
• I can talk about the type of information it is safe to share with a friend on a mobile phone.
• I can talk about what to do if someone sends a message that upsets me.
2. Active Learning – Show the children a mobile phone. Discuss what you can use it for? E.g. games, music, phone calls, texts, web browsing What information can you share with a friend in a text message? Can you tell who sees the information after it is sent? What could happen to a message you sent to one person? Would you let a good friend borrow your phone? What information might they need to play a game on your phone? (Username, Password) Explain that good friends do not need to know your password or username. They will already know your name address or other personal information so it doesn’t need to be sent in a message. Explain that most people have good friends; people they know and people that are not friends.
3. Demonstrating Understanding –  how the children some emoticons, such as :) ? :( Do they know of others? Use the online activity, ‘Emoticons’ to practise matching input text to emoticons. What if you saw capital letters used in a phrase, what do they mean? As a group, can they think of a message with a question that needs answered? In groups create a reply to a good friend. The children can use emoticons in their reply. How would they change their message if replying to someone who is not their best friend? Remind the children to be polite at all times and not to share personal information. Discuss what the children would do if they received a nasty message. What could happen if you ignored it and deleted the message? (Relate to the playground.) What could happen if you replied? Why would saving the message be the best option? Who could you show the message to?
4. Review and Recall – What are the positive things about having a mobile phone?
What are emoticons used for?
If you receive a nasty message, what should you do?


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