Keep out of reach

CfE Experiences and Outcomes

Understand that there are things i should not touch or eat. HWB 0-38a.

1. Connecting the Learning - Teacher has a teddy that is unwell, teacher asks the children what can they do to help him. What do you do when you are not well? Someone will give the answer that they have medicine. Show a medicine bottle and talk about the child safety cap. Have the children seen this cap anywhere else? Have a bag of bottles/empty pill packs etc to show children. Talk about the dangers of these. What would you do if you accidently took something? Discuss that you would tell a grown up straight away and keep the bottle/packet with you. Explain that only grown ups should give you medicine, never take it on your own.
2. Sharing the Learning Outcomes -

• Recognise items that I should not touch or eat.
• Tell what to do if someone does touch or eat something unsafe.
3. Active Learning - First go over the questions that the operator will ask if you phone 999:

• Cut and stick activity of safe/unsafe items in cupboard (pictures of bleach, vitamins, soap, sweeties, crisps, washing liquitabs, etc.)
• What would you do? Think, pair, share discussion of what to do if you or someone you are with touches or eats something unsafe.
4. Demonstrating Understanding - Sorting activity on smartboard – same as cut and stick.
5. Review and Recall – Show teddy again and explain that he is not feeling well because he drank something that he thought was juice but it was actually washing liquid. What would you do to help him? Children can answer using YN/TF cards eg, you would run away, you would dial 999 if you couldn’t find an adult, you would keep the item beside you.


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