Electricity and the Railway

CfE Experiences and Outcomes

I know and can demonstrate how to travel safely. HWB 0-18a, HWB 1-18aHWB 2-18a

1. Connecting the Learning - Begin by discussing with learners, the closest railway station(s) to their school. If possible, have a few photos of the stations to help jog memories. Ask the children if they think it is safe to walk or play in the railway stations or on/near the railway lines. Why not? Explain that in this assembly, they are going to learn more about electric railways, their dangers and how they can stay safe.
2. Sharing the Learning Outcomes -

• I can recognise electric railways.
• I can give examples of the benefits and dangers of electrification.
• I know how to stay safe around electric railways.
3. Active Learning - Use the slides in the PowerPoint presentation to explore the Learning Outcomes in more detail. Learners will be invited to explore various pictures relating to electric railways and will participate in The Power Quiz. The questions can be answered in Class/House teams or by individuals. Encourage participants to put their hands up if they know the correct answer. You may wish to offer prizes at the end of the quiz
4. Demonstrating Understanding - Upon their return to class or as a homework exercise, learners could create a poster outlining how to stay safe around electric railways. Posters could focus on one of the Rail Life ‘Safety Top 3’ or a combination of all three.
5. Review and Recall – With the children in twos, give them a few minutes to ‘think, pair and share’ what they have learned during this assembly. Ask learners to reflect on the Learning Outcomes as they do so. Learners can share what they have learned aloud for others to hear.
Click here to download Electricity and the Railway presentation


ScotRail Safety Messages  
- Keep safe at the platform - stay well back from the edge of the platform
- Keep safe at the station - don’t mess around.
- Stay off the train tracks
- Use bridges to cross the tracks.
- Keep everyone safe - Don’t throw anything at trains or put anything on the tracks. Think about others!
- Respect railway staff - they are there to help and get you to and from school.
- Stay in your seat!
- Keep it clean - no graffiti, vandalism or litter.
- Keep it quiet - your voice and your music!
- Think about how your behaviour is affecting other people’s journeys.
- If you see trouble, don't be scared to report it! Text BTP number, use a help point or speak to a member of staff.

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