Today's Fear

CfE Experiences and Outcomes

I am learning to assess and manage risk, to protect myself and others, and to reduce the potential for harm when possible. HWB 2-16a

1. Connecting the Learning - Discuss what the children remember about keeping safe when outside, e.g. holding an adult’s hands or using crossings. Explain that in this lesson we are going to look at the role we each play in keeping ourselves safe.
2. Sharing the Learning Outcomes -

•    I can recognize possible dangers in a variety of situations.
•    I can take responsibility for reducing harm and keeping myself safe.
3. Active Learning -  Use the whiteboard activity to stimulate class or group discussion. Examine the pictures and the clues; children try to work out how the characters could have been injured. Then ask the children to suggest ways the characters could have behaved more safely.
Questions to stimulate discussion could include:
•    Was Freddy playing in a safe place?
•    Name a safer place to play with a ball?
•    Who is to blame for Sam’s accident?
•    What should you wear on darker evenings?
•    Whose responsibility is it to make sure Emma has a seat belt on?
4. Demonstrating Understanding - The class create a large ‘Keeping Safe’ book. Small groups or pairs of children choose a scenario from the activity and design a page for the book. Children describe the danger, include diagrams and write an appropriate safety message. These pages are collated to form the book.
5. Review and Recall – Refer to the learning outcomes and ask the children to identify ways of keeping safe outside. Establish that each person has a role to play in keeping safe when traveling on or walking beside our roads. 


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