Knowing the risks

CfE Experiences and Outcomes

Identify the risks associated with the use and misuse of some substances. HWB 2-41a..

1. Connecting the Learning - Watch the animation about drinking. Did the boy make the right choice? Why? What do you think he said to his old friends? What do think they said to him?
2. Sharing the Learning Outcomes -

• I am aware of the dangers associated with substance misuse that can have an impact on myself, my family and friends.
• I understand what influences me, and the impact this may have on my actions.
3. Active Learning - Split into four groups labelled ‘myself’, ‘my family’, ‘my friends’ and ‘judges’. Look at scenario displayed on smartboard and in each group decide what the response might be to the action. Each person in the group writes down something to say. After two minutes to prepare, each group takes a turn to say their responses. The judges group have to decide whether or not the decision on the smartboard was the right or wrong one and why.
4. Demonstrating Understanding - Make a Use your head poster (individually or in small groups), choosing a substance and writing down the risks to warn young people about the risks involved.
6. Review and Recall – Discuss content of posters with rest of class. Display around school to provide information to others.


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