What Happens if I am Lost?

CfE Experiences and Outcomes

I am learning to assess and manage risk, to protect myself and others and to reduce the potential for harm when possible. HWB 0-16a

I know and can demonstrate how to keep myself and others safe and how to respond in a range of emergency situations. HWB 0-17a

1. Connecting the Learning - Ask the children to help make a class list of places where they play outdoors and record their ideas.
2. Sharing the Learning Outcomes  -

• I can distinguish between safe and unsafe places to play.
• I can explain what to do if I get lost when I am out.
• I can name people to tell if I am lost.
3. Active Learning - Show the class the activity on the interactive whiteboard. There will be a selection of pictures of places. Ask the children if they think they are safe or unsafe places to play – they can drag the picture to the ‘safer’ or ‘unsafe’ side of the board.

Discuss the reasons for their answers. Refer back to the class list of places (from part 1) and ask which category they might fit. Discuss the fact that it might depend who children were with – a parent, an older brother or sister, friends their own age, etc.

Remind the class that they are usually much safer when out with their parents but sometimes you can be accidentally separated, like the girl in this story. 

Read the story of Hannah (next activity for interactive whiteboard) and pause at points to let the class discuss what Hannah should do. Reinforce the importance of staying calm and telling a ‘trusted person’ you are lost. Go over the list of ‘trusted people’ (e.g. police officer, teacher, traffic warden, shop assistant, mum with children.)
4. Demonstrating Understanding - In groups of 3 or 4 ask children to role play a ‘getting lost’ incident. Ask them to take on the roles of ‘Mum’ or ‘Dad’, child, ‘trusted person’ and tell them to begin their ‘play’ with the Mum and child at the shops then child is distracted and loses mum. Model example, if needed, or revisit Hannah story. Give the groups some time to practise then spotlight a few groups to demonstrate and to check the messages are correct.
5. Review and Recall - Ask the class to give examples of some safe places to play and who to tell if they are lost.
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