Calling 999

CfE Experiences and Outcomes

I am learning to assess and manage risk, to protect myself and others and to reduce the potential for harm when possible. HWB 0-16a.

1. Connecting the Learning - Remind the class about Safe Syd’s visit to the Fire Station and some of the things he saw there. Ask the children if they know what number they should phone if there was a fire emergency. Explain that today’s lesson is all about phoning 999.
2. Sharing the Learning Outcomes -

• I can tell others that 999 is the number to phone for a fire emergency
• I can explain what would happen when I phone 999
• I can explain why the 999 phone number is only for real emergencies
3. Active Learning - First go over the questions that the operator will ask if you phone 999:

• ‘Emergency. Which service do you require? Police, Fire or Ambulance? – The children need to say ‘Fire’ but discuss what other options there are
• The Fire Service operator will then say, ‘Fire and Rescue.’ The children could just begin by saying, There’s a fire!’
• ‘What is the address?’ The children could use the school address or their own if they can remember it. Stress the importance of knowing your address and what town you live in
• ‘What town are you in?’
• ‘What is on fire?’ They can use their own ideas
• The operator finishes by saying, ‘The Fire Service will attend’
4. Demonstrating Understanding - The class could role play phoning 999, taking turns to be the operator or the caller. After a few minutes stop the class and remind them that you must only call 999 if it is a real emergency. You must never ever call for a joke. Ask for ideas on what an emergency is. The children could discuss the following scenarios – emergency or not emergency?

• My doll’s head has fallen off
• Our smoke alarm is bleeping and I can smell smoke
• My big sister knocked over a candle and the curtains are on fire
• My paddling pool needs to be filled up
5. Review and Recall – ‘What have we learned?’ Ask the class – ‘What is the emergency number?’ ‘What might the operator ask you?’ ‘Is it alright to phone up just for fun?’ ‘Why not?’
Image of Calling 999
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