Which Rule Is Best?

CfE Experiences and Outcomes

TCH 1-03a - As I extend and enhance my knowledge of features of various types of software, including those which help find, organise, manage and access information, I can apply what I learn in different situations.

HWB 0 – 45b - I am aware of the need to respect personal space and boundaries and can recognise and respond appropriately to verbal and non-verbal communication.
TCH 1-09a – I am developing problem-solving strategies, navigation and co-ordination skills, as I play and learn with electronic games, remote control or programmable toys.


Sharing the Learning Outcomes - • I can use a variety of games and devices with support.
• I can explain a game to my peers.
• I can explain why we need rules in online games.
2. Active Learning – Ask the children, ‘Why do we have class rules?’ ‘What rules do we have about the class computer or net books?’ (User names, passwords, no drinks beside it, etc.) ‘What kinds of devices do you have at home that you can play games with?’ (Consoles, tablets, mobile phones) ‘When you play games on your device, do you have rules?’ ‘Why are some games only suitable for over 18’s?’ Use the online activity, ‘Which rule is best?’ to explore a variety of rules
3. Demonstrating Understanding –  Ask the children to design a game with a toy remote control car. The game has to be for 2 or more players taking turns. The car could complete a small maze or visit different stations to collect points. Children can explain their game to another group. Can they play each other’s game? Are there any rules for their game?
4. Review and Recall – Ask the children to make suggestions for rules when playing online. Remind the class about being careful to use usernames, passwords and about not sharing personal information.


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