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CfE Experiences and Outcomes

Show ways of getting help in unsafe situations. HWB 1-42a.

1. Connecting the Learning - Children write on a piece of paper something that they are worried about. (It can be a past or present worry). They keep the piece of paper at their own table. Discuss that we are going to find out who can best help us with our worries.
2. Sharing the Learning Outcomes -

• I can talk about my worries.
• I can talk about who helps me deal with my worries.
3. Active Learning -

• When do you feel safe? Discuss what makes us feel safe at home, at school, and who makes us feel safe. Look at smartboard pictures of a child snuggled up in bed, a child holding hands with mum or dad, a child together at home with friends.
• Look at problem page on Smartboard. Read out the examples and discuss with the children the feelings Hannah and Harris may be experiencing, the worries they have and what they might do to get help.
4. Demonstrating Understanding - Role play activity in small groups: each group chooses a problem from the smartboard and divides into the different characters required. Can the children solve the problems in groups?
5. Review and Recall – Have some groups demonstrate their role play to the class, letting the class decide how well each group got on.

The children go back to their piece of paper with a worry on it. They think about who might be able to help them with it and they write down what they are going to do to sort it out. (They may already have sorted it out so they can write how they did that). Share some situations with the rest of the class, does anyone have the same worry and managed to deal with it?
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