999 (Hoax Calls)

CfE Experiences and Outcomes

I know of actions I can take to help someone in an emergency.
HWB 2-42a

1. Connecting the Learning - Introduce the topic of 999 calls by looking back at the Second Level (1) activity ‘Phoning 999’. Ask them if they remember learning when it was appropriate to phone 999? Tell them that they are now going to learn more about the consequences of making a hoax call.
2. Sharing the Learning Outcomes -

• I understand the potential consequences of making a hoax call to the emergency services
3. Active Learning - Use the interactive whiteboard to play the ‘999 (hoax call)’ activity.

a. As a class listen to both audios recordings, ask pupils whether they think the calls are real or a hoax? Ask them the reasons for their answers?
b. Explain that it is very difficult to distinguish between a real and a hoax call so on every occasion a fire engine will be sent.
c. Ask pupils to consider what else could be happening while the Firefighters are attending a hoax call? For example house on fire, road accident, grass fire, water rescue incident.

Other questions to consider are:
d. what might be the consequences of making a hoax call?
e. Who could be affected by a hoax call being made?
f. When is it appropriate to phone 999?
4. Demonstrating Understanding - In groups of three or four ask pupils, to design a campaign for the Fire and Rescue Service that highlights the consequences of hoax calls. The campaign could be a, phone app, or a tv/radio/internet advert.
5. Review and Recall - Ask the groups to present their campaign to the rest of the class. It would be useful if their peers asked them questions about their campaign.
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