Water Rescue Fire Fighter

CfE Experiences and Outcomes

I know and can demonstrate how to keep myself and others safe and how to respond in a range of emergency situations. HWB 0-17a.

I can describe some of the kinds of work that people do and I am finding out about the wider world of work. HWB 0-20a.

1. Connecting the Learning - Remind the class about the adventures of Safe Syd and ask them ‘What made Syd’s adventures safer?’ (Answer – He was always with an adult when playing near water). Explain to the class that in this activity they are going to learn about special adults who can help to rescue people from water. They are members of the Fire and Rescue Service and in this lesson they are going to find out more about them.Tell the class that the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service are not the only Emergency Service who attend water rescue incidents.
2.  Sharing the Learning Outcomes -

• I can remember the emergency number to call for water rescue
• I can list some of the special equipment that water rescue service need
• I can list the other Emergency Services who might attend a water rescue incident
3. Active Learning - Ask the class if they know what number you need to call the emergency services. (999) (Emphasise it is usually grown-ups who would make the call). Tell the children that one of the emergency services - the Fire Service also helps to rescue people from water.

Show the class the picture of a ‘Water Rescue Firefighter’ on the interactive whiteboard. Explain that when they are called to rescue someone it takes a crew of 9 people with lots of special equipment. Have a look at the picture and discuss the following points with the class:

• The water rescue crew wear a special uniform to keep them dry and safe from dirty water.
• They use a special boat to keep them safe and to get them there quickly.
• They wear a helmet to protect them.
• They use special floating rescue ropes to tie them to the river bank or loch side.
• They wear boots to protect their feet from sharp objects. 
4. Demonstrating Understanding - Play the ‘drag and drop’ interactive game on the whiteboard to let the class demonstrate their knowledge about the special equipment used.
5. Review and Recall - Remind the class of the emergency number and the fact that it takes nine people in a team with special equipment to rescue someone. Ask the class to list some of the equipment they need. Explain that they must never try to rescue someone from water themselves. Use the emergency number and get the ‘experts’!
Image of Water Rescue Fire Fighter
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